When you think about a concierge, you likely think of the service offered by premium hotels, where a sharp dressed individual seems to know the answers to all of your questions and seems to have the distinct task of making each guest feel like royalty.


A hotel concierge will give you directions, make your dinner reservations, order your theater tickets, and arrange to have your dry cleaning dropped off. Concierge services are often put in place by premium hotels to make guests feel pampered and taken care of.

While your vacation property is not a hotel, there are plenty of concierge services you can offer your guests to improve the quality of their stay. These range from the inexpensive to the extravagant, and everything in between.

The following are a few ideas of concierge services you can offer guests to your vacation rental property that will make them feel spoiled. And of course, implementing these concierge services will get you some glowing five star reviews!

Scheduled airport pickup

This one is fairly simple to organize in any town or city, and yet, your guests will feel like celebrities as they step into their prearranged airport transportation to their vacation rental.

Just do a quick search on Google or Yelp for airport pickup, using the three letter airport code of your location (ie: “SFO airport pickup) and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.

Find a sedan car provider with great reviews and give them a call to make transportation arrangements for your guests. If you have Uber in your area, that works too. The driver will usually hold up a sign at the airport arrival area with the guest’s name, but be sure to ask just in case.

Depending on the location, sedan car services can range from $50 – $150 each way.

Grocery shopping

A simple - but highly appreciated - concierge service to organize is grocery shopping for your guests.

You can hire a service like Task Rabbit so you can offer it over many properties if you need to.

Many grocery chains in large cities now offer grocery delivery, and of course there is always Amazon. In rural areas, check with your team members or ask another property manager for a referral.

You could also post the job to Craigslist – something perfect for a college student or stay-at-home-parent looking for extra income. A service like this might range from $10-$20 per hour for shopping and delivery (plus the cost of groceries).

After you identify which service provider to use for grocery ordering, include it as part of your process to offer to stock your guest’s fridge prior to their arrival, and decide how you would like to arrange for payment.

Baby and play equipment

Traveling with young children often involves a tremendous amount of stress and planning because of the high level of needs these tiny travelers have.

You would be doing your guests a huge favor by arranging for rentals for items that take up a lot of space for traveling parents, like bassinets and baby swings. ABC Baby Rentals and Bundle of Joy Rentals are two examples of companies that supply rentals for everything from a crib to exersaucers and pool toys. They will even deliver items to your rental and set them up for you.

Search for a service like this in your area and help out traveling families by having everything ready for them when they arrive.

If you don’t have play equipment like skis, sleds, or snorkeling gear – arrange to have it delivered as well. If you can’t find an online company offering rentals, check with local businesses that sell these items and see if you can make an arrangement with them. They might never have thought of adding a rental stream to their business!

Daily housekeeping

For some travelers, daily housekeeping is critical to a comfortable stay. They want the luxuries of a hotel with the comfort of a vacation rental. Ask your current housekeeper if they’re available to come every day, and decide what that will look like across your rental properties. Discuss the rates with your housekeeper as it will probably be less hours for daily service than your traditional departure/arrival cleaning.

Activities and tours

While you likely don’t wish to get into the tour operation business, you probably know the best activities in town that your guests will enjoy.

Help guests arrange their stay by purchasing their tickets to the museum, concert hall, dinner cruise or hiking adventure in advance. If your guests are in town for a romantic retreat, help them secure reservations at a coveted French restaurant only locals can get a spot at. Do your best to foster strong relationships with local restaurants and attractions. The more guests you send their way, the more they will recommend your vacation rental in return.

Personal chefs and attendants

For the ultimate in concierge service, there are personal chefs, maids, butlers, and attendants for hire that can assist your vacationers 24/7. We suggest that you look for trusted referrals for these types of services because of their intimate nature.

Pet care

If your property is pet-friendly, strike up a relationship with a local pet groomer or dog walker, and offer to have Fido tended to during your guest’s stay, as well.

For bonus points that will likely lead to five-star reviews, when you have a traveler coming with a pet, have some special treats on hand and perhaps leave a list of dog-friendly attractions in the area so your guests don’t have to go looking.

Family photography

If you have travelers coming to mark a special occasion, or just for a memorable family vacation, they may find themselves wishing they knew a photographer in the area to snap photos of their trip.

Offer to have a photographer come to commemorate your guests’ stay. Try to build a relationship with a local photographer for this concierge service. The more frequently you book the same professional, the more likely they will find availability in their busy schedule for your guests.

While it’s true that your guests would be booking at a luxury hotel if they wanted the red carpet treatment, everyone likes to feel special. By offering concierge services to your guests, you’re giving visitors the best of both worlds; a stay in a relaxed environment with touches of luxury!