Vacation rental property managers and owners have many options when it comes to creating their channel management strategy.

While it is a best practice to list your properties on each of the major listing sites, it can be challenging and even daunting to manage multiple properties on many different channels. MyVR is here help. Our software was built by industry experts to optimize your channel management strategy while simplifying how you manage your listings.

With you in mind, MyVR collaborated with TripAdvisor to host a live webinar where we discussed performance strategies and optimizations within the listing site. In this latest webinar, TripAdvisor and MyVR: Essentials and Updates for Booking Season, we take a deep dive into TripAdvisor’s unique customer segments, insights, and features.

TripAdvisor shares what they are doing to boost the success of property managers using MyVR’s property management software. The learnings from our webinar highlight the unique attitudes and behaviors of guests who search and book vacation rentals on TripAdvisor. This customer segment is different from other listing sites, and because of this, they demand different messaging and marketing strategies in order to attract them to your reservations.


What You’ll Learn from the Webinar

  • How successful short-term rentals close bookings on TripAdvisor
  • What 40% of TripAdvisor users expect from listings
  • How you can use TripAdvisor’s global brands to your benefit
  • How to optimize your TripAdvisor listings to boost performance
  • How to use TripAdvisor tools and features to your advantage
  • Performance benefits of coupling TripAdvisor with MyVR’s channel manager

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This exclusive webinar is only one part of a series MyVR has been conducting with major listing site partners, including HomeAway,, and Airbnb. MyVR conducted these webinars to highlight the unique customer segments, insights, and value propositions of each channel to vacation rental property managers with the intent that they may take these learnings to optimize their performance.

Upon gaining access to the TripAdvisor webinar, you will also immediately have access to our recent webinars with HomeAway,, and Airbnb.