With nearly 1 billion users on Facebook, chances are you’ve got a personal profile already — even if it’s just to check out your grandkids photos and find your long-lost high school classmates.

And your renters are using Facebook as well — connecting with friends, liking their favorite products, and posting photos from their vacation. But still, with everyone on Facebook, we still hear owners saying the same thing.

Should I create a Facebook Page for my vacation rental?

My renters don’t use Facebook!

My Facebook Page only has a few fans, will this really work for me?

I hope that these 10 stats will convince you that you need to set up a Facebook Page for your vacation rental immediately! And, if you already have one, connect with more travelers and past guests to build better relationships with them.

1) 93% of adult US Internet users are on Facebook.

source: BlogHer, April 2011

2) One out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook.

source: ComScore, February 2011

3) Facebook is overtaking Google and Yahoo in total time spent online.

source: ComScore, August 2011

4) 20% of all page views online are on Facebook.

source: Infographic Labs, February 2012

5) 50% of small business owners reported gaining new customers through social media.

source: Social Media Examiner, November 2011

6) More than 1/3 of marketers say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business.

source: HubSpot State of Inbound Marketing Report 2011

7) In a travel poll, 52% of Facebook users stated that seeing friends’ vacation pictures inspired them to book a trip to that same place.

source: Skyscanner, February 2011

8) More than one fifth, or 22%, of travel companies generate revenue from social media efforts like Facebook.

source: World Travel Market Industry Report, November 2011

9) More than 20 million people have added more than 1.5 billion cities to their TripAdvisor Cities I’ve Visited maps, and it has consistently been Facebook’s #1 travel application.

source: TripAdvisor, September 2012

10) Airbnb users who connect their Facebook accounts make 85% more bookings. People who connect to TripAdvisor via Facebook are twice as likely to write reviews for the site.

source: Facebook VP Dan Rose at PhoCusWright Conference, November 2011

Great! So you’re convinced – now what do you do?

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