For the seventh day of MyVR Marketing Tips, take a tour of vacation rental websites where you’re listed and either add or revise your listing information with your newly-updated description.

Armed with the information about which sites have more or less value to you, you may want to adjust your plan for these sites too. If a paid site did not bring you any bookings in the last year, considering changing your subscription to a different level or canceling it altogether. This is a great time to upgrade or downgrade your account.

As you check each listing:

  • Tweak your headline to ensure it includes attention-grabbing keywords.
  • Update the description to match what you wrote earlier.
  • Ensure all other information (i.e. contact details) is up-to-date.
  • If you intend to increase rates, add a notice to the page.
  • Evaluate the rest of your listing. Have you used the best photos? Are there any comments you need to respond to?
  • Make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes!

Vacation home renters like to browse around; a survey by FlipKey found that the average traveler looks at four different sites before finally inquiring about seven different properties.

Some listing sites give you an opportunity to connect with a more focused group of potential renters. If you target a particular group of travelers, a bit of online research may help you find a directory that’s dedicated to that particular audience.

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