For the first day of MyVR Marketing Tips, your mission is to make sure your administrative tasks are up-to-date.

It’s easy to let administrative tasks build up “until you have more time” — especially when things are busy, as they tend to be towards the end of the year. However, that extra time will never really show up; a bit of down time between family, friends and turkey dinners may be as good as it gets.

Take a few minutes today to:

  • Make sure your reservation calendar is up-to-date and that all confirmed bookings for 2013 are blocked off.
  • Block off any time your vacation rental will not be available, whether for maintenance or your own use.
  • Confirm that any outstanding bills have been paid.
  • Ensure that any service providers, like your property manager or cleaning people, are booked for the coming year.

Getting everything up-to-date before 2013 rolls in will save you from responding to inquiries for dates you already know aren’t available — or worse, accidentally double-booking yourself — and keep everything running smoothly into the New Year.


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photo credit: Alex