For the eleventh day of MyVR Marketing Tips, give Craigslist a try — or another try, if you’ve tested Craigslist postings in the past.

Craigslist is a free classifieds website, and people often have mixed experiences with it. However, it has some clear benefits:

  • It’s free,
  • It’s the 9th most visited website in the U.S.,
  • People do go to Craigslist specifically looking for this information, which means that
  • For low cost and little effort, you can potentially get a solid return on the investment of your time.

To pull an effective listing together, follow our seven steps for vacation rental advertising on Craigslist.

  1. Create an account,
  2. Select your location,
  3. Create an enticing title,
  4. Write your post description and call-to-action,
  5. Upload photos,
  6. Confirm your listing, renew, and repost,
  7. Avoid phishing and fraud.

One of the biggest complaints about Craigslist is the risk of fraud and phishing (where someone tries to steal your personal information). Always be wary of suspicious behavior and odd inquiries; while sometimes these may be legitimate, try to follow-up with phone conversations and always trust your gut instinct.


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