In collaboration with MyVR’s property management software, VY Web Design achieved page one rankings for a large property management client.

We will occasionally highlight customer successes on our blog. Last week we received a wonderful message from VY Web Design’s SEO Manager Mark Does about the great success he and his firm have achieved for a mutual client by implementing MyVR’s vacation rental management software.

VY Web Design helps small and medium-sized businesses optimize their websites to achieve high search engine rankings. VY Web Design started using MyVR for a large property management company that provides cottage and chalet rentals in a very competitive geography, with the intention of leveraging MyVR’s software to allow for their custom Search Engine Optimization. As Mark explains, the plan was a huge success.

By implementing MyVR's website builder and property management software, VY Web Design was able to rank on page one for key, competitive search terms despite competition from huge tourism sites like,,,, and many others.

The powerful combination of the MyVR platform and VY’s SEO strategies put their client’s site on the same playing field as other heavy hitters in the industry.

Below is VY Web Design’s success story in SEO specialist Mark Does’s own words

“Our client needed a robust booking system for its vacation properties, so we implemented MyVR software for property managers. The software was great for filtering properties, taking reservations, and tracking the progress of clients. MyVR provided a seamless, professional experience with intuitive analytics, smart workflow automation, and efficient payment processing. It’s property owner management portal allowed us to conveniently connect with owners as well.

“The ability within the platform to tailor our client’s website so it was Search Engine Optimized gave us a great foundation for ranking our campaign with Google. In the long-run, this proved very beneficial for our client.

“Between MyVR and VY SEO Services, our mutual client is very happy with an easy-to-use reservation software, all-time high of new traffic, and a highly visible location on Google. The charts below show the continual ranking increases since the project's inception. As you can see, we achieved page one rankings for all of our major search terms, including such competitive keywords like “city + cottage rentals,” “city + chalet rentals,” and “city + hotels," in a tourism hotbed.

MyVR Channel Management software ranks property manager's listings on page one
MyVR Website Builder software outranks property manager's competition
MyVR Reservation Management software helps property manager's listings rank

MyVR’s channel management software (CMS) gave us the flexibility to create valuable keyword-rich content, write blog posts, and easily share everything to social media accounts. This new visibility attracted tons of visitors to the site and, in turn, to the area. One of the differences between MyVR’s CMS and other companies is their customization and customer support. Most of the time, we received same-day support, which is fantastic when compared to other CMS providers. Knowledgeable, friendly, and quick service is hard to come by when dealing with CMS providers. The majority of them are quick to the sale and slow to the service. This was not the case with MyVR. MyVR’s support team worked closely with us, through all of our technical challenges, to help our client achieve their goals. MyVR was thorough and responsive to our requests.

“We will use the MyVR platform again in the future with other clients. And we would like to thank MyVR for all of their technical support throughout this campaign.”

We are so happy to see our software making this type of a difference for our clients. For more information about VY Web Design see SEO Agency Toronto and read more about their online marketing strategies.