When it comes to making improvements to increase rental income for your vacation rentals, small thoughtful gestures may be just as powerful as expensive upgrades.

Yes, it’s important to have beautiful interior design, great amenities, and quality toiletries and bedding, but the smallest of touches can actually have a big impact when it comes to increasing your rental income.

When guests experience wonderful hospitality, they reward property owners by leaving rave reviews. Putting in the extra effort to impress your guests is worth it. A recent report by Evolve Vacation Rental Network shows that 75% of vacation property owners with 50 or more reviews earn more than $25,000 per year on their rentals. As your properties earn more positive testimonials, the demand for your vacation rentals will grow, justifying a higher nightly rate. Reviews are money!

If you hope to increase the nightly rate of your properties, try implementing the following suggestions. They’ll leave lasting impressions with your guests, which will magically turn into more positive reviews, higher rankings, and more money in your pocket.

Give a little

Everyone loves to feel special. Providing thoughtful gifts will go a long way toward making your guests feel welcome and appreciated. But you don’t have to roll out the red carpet. Be creative! Favors can be meaningful without being garish or expensive.

  • Display a chalkboard sign with your renter’s name, welcoming them to the city
  • Provide balloons or other favors if you know your guests are renting for a special occasion
  • Place a small starter food supply in the fridge with a note inviting guests to indulge
  • Surprise guests with wine and (flameless) candles if they are on a romantic getaway
  • Create a movie night basket complete with Netflix already logged in, popcorn, and candy
  • Provide a sleep kit with white noise maker, unopened sleep masks, and new earplugs

Provide the essentials

When upgrading your properties to increase rental income, make sure you have the basic essentials covered for your guests. This can be a great relief if a renter forgets to pack a small but important item.

  • Provide guests with fresh towels and robes
  • Stock the bathroom with small packaged soaps and shampoos
  • Ensure there are feminine products in the bathroom cabinets
  • Leave behind dog treats and disposable bags if pets are allowed in your rental property
  • Have tissue boxes for your guests’ comfort

Keep in mind that some renters may be hesitant to use your household goods so include a note in your vacation rental guidebook that encourages their use.

Share like a local

If a renter is exploring your city for the first time, it can be assumed they have done their research beforehand. But confirm their findings by leaving a list of the best spots to explore or surprise them with recommendations only the locals know. You can include your suggestions in your welcome book.

  • Provide coupons and discounts for nearby activities, eateries, and other hot spots
  • Leave a list of upcoming events around town
  • Create a list of restaurants and cafes to try. Encourage guests to add their picks and leave their own reviews!
  • Provide a stack of local magazines showcasing local spots
  • Share information about how to get around—using the trains, parking, ride sharing, and more

Send a great goodbye

Most property owner goodbyes only include a general checkout email. But if you want to justify increasing your nightly rate, try going above and beyond! Giving your renter one last personal touch provides a great send off and leaves a great impression of their stay.

  • Leave a handwritten thank you note for your guests asking them to please leave a review and use your branded hashtag on social media
  • Create a “Safe Travels” kit complete with snacks, hand sanitizer, water, sunglasses, and more
  • Consider giving guests a thank you gift branded with your rental business’s logo

While guests may not have the chance to take advantage of all of your generous offerings, they will notice and appreciate your effort, rewarding you by leaving positive reviews. The surge in demand produced by these favorable reviews will give you the freedom to increase the property’s nightly rate and watch your occupancy rate skyrocket! ‘Wowing’ your guests just requires a little bit of thought and effort.