The most efficient and effective way to book more nights and increase your revenue is by expanding your channel distribution strategy. With over 27 million visitors each month, Vrbo is an excellent choice when considering where to expand next, especially if you are listing whole homes or larger spaces.


Founded in 1995 as an online marketplace for owners to rent out their second home, Vrbo was acquired by Homeaway in 2006 and is now a part of the Expedia Holding Group - one of the most trusted online travel brands in the world.

By listing on Vrbo, you’re not only exposing your properties to a massive audience who is searching specifically for vacation rentals, but you also get the benefit of being featured in HomeAway searches as well.

If you’re ready to get more bookings now, listing on Vrbo is a straightforward process.

Step-by-step instructions for how to list on Vrbo

To list your property on Vrbo, you’ll need to have the following handy:

  • Your bank account information (Vrbo needs to know where to send your income!)
  • Plenty of very high-quality professional digital photos of your rental
  • Your property’s accurate address
  • Your rental rates

With these items in order, you’re ready to get started on Vrbo.

  1. Visit Vrbo and enter your basic property details to see your property’s earning potential
How to list on Vrbo, step 1 - MyVR
  1. Next, verify the location of your property

How to list on Vrbo, step 2 - MyVR

  1. Enter your property’s details, including a property headline and description, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the number of guests your listing can accommodate

How to list on Vrbo, step 3 - MyVR

  1. Choose your booking method. We recommend choosing Instant Booking to convert the most possible reservations and appear higher in search results.

How to list on Vrbo, step 4 - MyVR

  1. Next, add your property’s listing photos

How to list on Vrbo, step 5 - MyVR

  1. Finally, finish setting up your manager profile by:
  • Entering your phone number for security purposes
  • Adding your payment information
  • Confirming your identity
  • Including your pricing details

Now you’re ready to publish your listing!

Better connect with MyVR

If you’re on MyVR, adding Vrbo and HomeAway to your channel management strategy is even easier:

  1. Install the Vrbo/HomeAway app from the Marketplace
  2. Answer a few questions about your listings
  3. Choose and validate the properties you’d like to list
  4. Synchronize your data and wait for the bookings to roll in!

To grow your short-term rental business, advertising your properties on Vrbo and the other major channels is essential. But as your management portfolio grows to four or more properties, onboarding, listing and managing your properties across the five major channels can become difficult.

That’s where property management software like MyVR comes in. MyVR can help you manage every aspect of your properties. With direct connections to every listing site, MyVR automates your channel management while eliminating double bookings and data inaccuracies.

By following these simple steps, you'll be up and running on Vrbo in no time.