It isn’t always easy to figure out the right balance of posts for your vacation rental Facebook Page. You should only be posting updates on your home once in every five posts – or less. So, what else do you post about? I wouldn’t blog about it if I didn’t have an answer!

Here are 10 things to post on your Facebook Page so you can change it up and keep fans interested. You only need to post 2-3 times a week — no more than twice a day — so a mixture of the following ideas should keep you going for a while.

1. Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only are we in the vacation industry (and who doesn’t want to fantasize about traveling?), but pictures statistically receive the most fan engagement such as comments and “likes.” Sometimes your picture might be the focus of your post, others it may just accent your text – either way is fine. A good photo can make the ordinary seem interesting.

facebook photos

2. Local Updates

Give your fans a reason to visit. Share news of upcoming festivals, sports events, concerts, etc. Has the nearest resort received epic snowfall? Tell people about it. Did the local 4-star restaurant get a new chef? Share the news. Provide bits of information your guests will find exciting, whether they can make it up that weekend or not.

facebook local updates

3. Special Offers

Discounts are compelling no matter who you are. Offer special rates to your Facebook fans every now and then. If you have a last-minute cancellation, take it straight to your Facebook page. Also share local deals, discounts or specials your guests might like, for example, end-of-the-year sales on ski equipment, local Groupons, or happy hours close to your vacation home.

facebook offers

4. Traveler Recognition

Give some love back occasionally. You can periodically acknowledge guests’ special occasions, like anniversaries or birthdays; or call out something notable they’ve done.

facebook traveler recognition

5. Ask a Question

What better way to get your fans involved than to ask them a question? Get their opinion or feedback about which new game to add to your Xbox collection or what factors are most important to them when planning a vacation.

facebook question

6. Share Others’ Posts

It’s a social media best practice to participate on others’ pages. Maybe another owner or a local business has posted something you like. If it relates to your vacation rental, the area, or the season, share it with your fans!

facebook sharing

7. Updates On Your Property

This one’s a no brainer, but still, think outside the box. Maybe you put in a new hot tub (obvious post), but maybe you just got new accent pillows for the living room. Put your own twist on it and it’ll entertain.

facebook property updates

8. Regional or Seasonal Tidbits

Sharing fun facts, pictures of food, tempting recipes, etc., are all fair game and make great posts. Just make sure it relates to your vacation home, the region or the season or holiday.

facebook seasonal

9. Personal Notes

Big businesses use Facebook for branding. Your version of that is conveying your personality. Sharing tidbits of information, like photos or stories about your family or pets, helps build trust with your Facebook fans.

facebook personal

10. Let Guests Post

Make no mistake, you want control of your content, but you can invite guests to post about their time at your vacation home or share their photos with you and your fans. They may already want to and just need your encouragement.

facebook guests

Bonus Tip: Calls To Action

Your vacation rental Facebook page is about relating rather than selling. Still, posts asking fans to “like” or comment get more engagement than posts without such requests. Personally, I like the ones that are subtle rather than obvious, but you can’t argue with results. Try it out!

facebook creative likes