Facebook is the third most visited website in the world. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Facebook is a powerful tool for marketing anything, including your vacation rental property. You know you need to have a Facebook Page, but how do you stay active? What do you say in your posts to turn a Facebook presence into bookings?


Figuring out how to strike the right balance of informative yet engaging content (without coming off as being salesy) involves some determination and patience, but it will pay off if you give it some serious effort.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to publish interesting and relevant content so your audience stays engaged.

Here are 10 ideas of things to post on your Facebook Page. It’s ideal to post once or twice a week, but what is more important is that you find a cadence that works for you and stick with it long term. A mixture of the following ideas should keep you going with content for a while.

1. Post photos and videos

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more! Visual content statistically receives the most engagement via comments and “likes,” especially in the travel industry where followers long to be struck with wanderlust.

Sometimes your picture or video might be the focus of your post, for others it may just accent your text – either way is fine. Think about sharing photos and videos from different parts of your property, your city/town or share someone else’s post if it is relevant to you and your followers. You want potential guests to imagine what it will be like to stay with you, so share the very best you have to offer!

Elk Creek Facebook Post - Deer Video

2. Post local updates

Give your fans a reason to visit. Share news of upcoming festivals, sports events, concerts, etc. Has the nearest ski resort received epic snowfall? Tell people about it. Did the local 4-star restaurant update their menu? Share the news.

Provide bits of information about your city that your guests will find exciting, like our friends at Elk Creek did after a beautiful snowfall. When you do this, tag those other businesses. This will also raise your visibility among other local businesses.

Elk Creek Facebook Post - Grandfather Mountain

3. Promote special offers

Discounts are compelling no matter who you are; Facebook users are certainly no exception. Offer special rates to your Facebook fans every now and then. If you have a last-minute cancellation, take it straight to your Facebook Page. Also share local deals, discounts or specials your guests might like; for example, end-of-the-year sales or happy hours close to your rental.

Elk Creek Facebook Post - Special Deal

4. Give something away

Use your Facebook Page to expand your reach; consider doing a giveaway every once in a while. Think of something that would be of interest to both locals in the area as well as someone who may want to visit. For instance, this could be a gift certificate to a local restaurant, tickets to an upcoming festival or anything that will push the winner to book with you.

You frequently see these types of contests on Facebook and they work. You could simply ask your followers to tag a few friends they would take to your property and comment their favorite memory or what they are most eager to do when they visit. Give the prize away to the best or most unique comment. These contests can take off incredibly quickly - you might be surprised!

Alternatively, to gain some quick followers you can do smaller giveaways for something like beach towels, snowshoes or a gift card. A great way to gain attention on social for less cost.


5. Ask questions of your audience

What better way to get your fans involved than to ask them a question? Get the opinions and feedback of your audience about things like, which new game to add to your Xbox collection, what they would like to see upon check-in at your property, or what factors are most important to them when planning a vacation.

You might also want to include your audience when trying to make decisions such as which sofa to buy or if you’re trying to decide between investing in a hot tub or a firepit. Even if you don’t go with the popular opinion, this is a great way to create engagement on your Facebook Page while posting content that showcases a feature of your rental.

Tahoe Creek House - Poll

6. Share others’ posts

It’s a social media best practice to participate on other pages. Maybe another owner or a local business has posted something you like. If it relates to your vacation rental, the area, or the season, share it with your fans!

Engage on others’ posts by commenting and liking them. Each time you do this, people who read your comments will be seeing the name of your business, so not only are you being social, but you’re promoting your vacation rental property at the same time.

Elk Creek Facebook Post - Sky Valley Zip Tours

7. Provide updates about your property

This one’s a no brainer, but start thinking of all your property updates as an opportunity to share on Facebook. Maybe you put in a new hot tub, or got a second French Press. Maybe you just got a new rug for the living room, or a security system to protect your vacation rental.

All of these types of things are worthy of a Facebook share. And this should go without saying, but, don’t forget to include photos!

Sonoma Square Cottage arcade game addition Facebook post

8. Tout regional or seasonal tidbits

Sharing fun facts, pictures of food, tempting recipes and more are all fair game and make for great Facebook posts. Just make sure it relates to your vacation home, the region or the season/holiday.

Elk Creek seasonal Facebook post

9. Share personal notes

Use your Facebook Page to help convey your personality. Share tidbits of information, like photos or stories about your family or pets. Tell your audience about causes you support or simply tell them “thank you” for their support and patronage. These types of updates help to build trust with your audience.

Elk Creek thank you guests Facebook post

10. Let guests post

Make no mistake, you want control over your content, but you should still invite guests to post about their time at your rental or share their photos with you and your fans. Many guests already do this, but if you make the ask outright, they may be quicker to oblige (it would also make for a great contest!).

Elk Creek guest Facebook post

As an added bonus, try using a clear call-to-action in your posts to generate more feedback. While your vacation rental Facebook Page is about relating rather than selling, posts asking fans to “like,” “comment” or “share” get more engagement than posts without them. Give it a try and see how it works!

Combined with these other ten ideas for using Facebook for your vacation rental, we hope it all adds up to more bookings for you.