As a property manager, you may never have considered Expedia as a distribution partner for vacation rentals because Expedia has long been perceived as solely for hotels, flights and rent-a-cars.


However, Expedia is no longer just a marketplace for traditional accommodations. Expedia works with “properties of all shapes and sizes,” setting those listings “live to more than 200 booking sites around the world.”

As the lines continue to blur between the vacation rental and hotel industries, Expedia is quickly becoming a major player in the world of short-term rental bookings. And the numbers back it up. Expedia Group’s holdings receive more than 750 million visits per month. Compare this to Airbnb attracting 80 million monthly visits and HomeAway/VRBO attracting 27 million monthly visits, and it’s easy to see Expedia’s influence in the marketplace.

Because of their unique corporate positioning in between short-term rentals and hotels, Expedia is an ideal fit for property managers who want to boost their occupancy rates and attract new guests from outside their standard audience.

There are many benefits to including Expedia in your channel management strategy. Here’s a few to consider…

Target new customer segments

Because of the massive size of Expedia, you will be able to better target last minute bookers and international guests that other OTAs don’t reach. By listing on Expedia, you’ll reach travelers who tend to purchase package vacations which means they stay longer and cancel less often. Not to mention, with Expedia Group’s large brand portfolio, your properties will be shown across each of these uniquely segmented, highly targeted sites. Listing on Expedia will expose your properties to a massive number of previously untapped potential guests.

Gain first mover advantage

You may recall there was a time when was also perceived as being only for hotels. Now, is a major player in vacation rental bookings. While you may experience some hiccups as an early adopter, by adding Expedia to your channel management strategy now, you will also have the advantage of being among the first short-term rental property managers to list on this exciting new platform. This includes less competition with other short term rentals, granting you premium access to a new market.

Stand out from the competition and attract traditional accommodation searchers

People searching Expedia may be looking for hotels, which presents a huge opportunity for you to put your vacation rental in front of a whole new audience - an audience with more than 750 million monthly visits to Expedia brands.

Unlike the more expensive hotel listings on Expedia, vacation rentals are lower cost, have more physical space, and can match more of the travelers’ desired amenities. This means your vacation rental can become more popular than traditional accommodation options in your area.

Optimize your performance by combining Expedia’s reach and the MyVR platform

MyVR’s state-of-the-art channel manager gives you full control over Expedia’s proprietary features. Our complete, direct integrations were built to Expedia’s exact specifications, meaning that you can be confident in your listings’ performance and your business’s growth without worrying about data falling through the cracks.

By listing your properties on Expedia through a property management software like MyVR that uses complete, direct integrations, you have access to all of the premium tools and features that make the channel unique. Expedia’s influence amplifies your short-term rentals’ reach across its hundreds of brands, helping you increase bookings and maximize your revenue potential. Expedia’s performance features include:

  • Expedia’s Partner Central program, which adds your vacation rental to more than 200 booking sites in 75 countries and 35 languages
  • Expedia Connectivity, which allows your rates, availability, and reservations to automatically update with Expedia
  • Expedia Group’s loyal niche traveler segments from sites including, Orbitz, Trivago, Travelocity, Wotif,, CheapTickets, and more!

Not sure of the best way to add Expedia to your channel management strategy? MyVR’s team of experts are here to guide you through the channel onboarding process and pass along channel-specific best practices from our own industry experience to ensure your continued success.