While sharing interesting content via a blog can support your vacation rental business, adding images—and taking advantage of an image-based social network—can improve the experience exponentially. Like the adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pinterest is a growing social media hub that can help boost your blog; pairing the two creates a powerful way for you to connect with new visitors.

Draw in new travelers

Even though it’s relatively new, Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than several other social networks combined. It’s easy to direct people back to your blog: add short snippets of information to each picture and link them back to your main blog or website.

Unique and well-developed pictures can spread, generating additional traffic from other sites such as Facebook or Reddit—a strong argument for hiring a professional photographer. The more attention any single image can receive, the better your chances of getting attention from a potential guest.

Boost your marketing efficiently**

It’s not just about pointing people back to your website, either. By adding a Pinterest link to your website, it’s easy for visitors to find more images from you or others. Use these photos to showcase your rental property and nearby attractions. This could easily entice visitors to explore further and find out more about your property or the location itself.

The more you can draw website visitors in with eye-catching photos, the more often those visits will turn into bookings. And Pinterest makes it easy: not only can you integrate it with your blog, it’s also free to use.

Cross-promote your blog

Pinterest images can be shared across other social media sites; this helps promote your blog without an active effort from you.

Pinterest users often share—or “repin”—images they find enticing, posting them to Facebook profiles as well as other social sites. A captivating sunset over your rental property could make its way to other networks, leaving a trail back to your blog.

Add Pinterest to a WordPress blog

If you use WordPress—one of the most common blog platforms—for your blog, there are various free plugins available that allow you to display your images from Pinterest directly on your website in a gallery-style form. Setup can differ from one plugin to the next but, once you’re set up, the corresponding images will be displayed immediately.

What makes this such an ideal design? Beyond the added potential for web traffic, using Pinterest saves you the time of placing every image, one by one, onto your website.

Plus, any time you add new images or “repin” relevant photos from other people, they will flow through as part of a constantly evolving slideshow.

Integrating Pinterest with your website can enhance the experience of your website visitors. Amazing images of your property, put into the hands of the active Pinterest community, could help thrust your blog into a higher caste of popular websites. The primary focus for any site is to attract attention to itself, and visual stimulation can certainly help.

This article has been contributed by Madoline Hatter. Madoline is a freelance writer and blog junkie from ChangeOfAddressForm.com.