What are vacation rental owners talking about, and is there any news that might impact your vacation rental? Here’s a look some recent highlights.

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog || Go Big Or Go Home

If you missed this great discussion on the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog last month, it’s worth reviewing.

Referencing a thread on the HomeAway Community Forum, Matt Landau said:

“You either run a business and treat every guest like the most spectacular VIP in the world. Or you participate in a hobby and worry not about your income or revenue.”

The “hotelization” of vacation rentals is something Tyler Gillespie blogged about in a series of posts for MyVR last month, looking at our need to balance the best of vacation rental travel against increased competition from hotels.

The comments on Landau’s post provide an interesting look at the lack of consensus among owners—and food for thought when it comes to how you want to manage your own rental.

Huffington Post || Five Rules For Choosing A Vacation Rental

How prepared are you to meet the expectations of your guests? After years of great experiences, a disappointing rental property in Berlin prompted Martin and her husband to recommend this list of “unbreakable rules” to fellow travelers and vacation home renters.

The result: Advice that includes checking reviews, asking specific questions about the neighbourhood, carefully reviewing photos and listed amenities, asking about local transportation, and confirming a good Internet connection.

This list is a great checklist to make sure you have these items covered in your marketing materials, or ready to provide when requested.

tnooz || Google wades into personal trip planning with Tour Builder

If you’re looking for interesting ways to share information with your guests, the newly-released Tour Builder from Google is an easy-to-use option.

Tapping into Google Maps and its database of locations and landmarks, Tour Builder lets anyone with a Google/Gmail account create their own shareable tour. Create your own tour, adding locations with your own photos, stories and recommendations.

The result is an interactive mini movie: With each click, the information you’ve added is displayed while the earth spins and zooms in on the designated location. Viewers can interact – zooming in or even using Google’s street view. One fun example takes a tour of Blue Bottle Coffee locations around the world.

This could be a great addition to your vacation rental’s local guide, and the link can be easily shared via email.

Cottage Blogger || Is a Public Rant Ever Justified?

A thoughtful post from Heather Bayer: Are we sometimes too quick to post—publicly—when we have a run-in with guests?

“It’s easy to jump on the soap box and bang out some frustration in the form of a blog post and hit publish,” she wrote. “It gives a little satisfaction to get it out there and share what many of us experience in the course of a long rental season.”

Bayer notes, however, that many of the places where owners connect are public—and open to Google searches. That doesn’t mean you should avoid these platforms; connecting with other owners has a lot of value. But it does mean should be careful about what you publish.

Is there any industry news that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below.