People travel because they want to experience life, and a significant number of people travel to celebrate it: more than 7 in 10 leisure travelers have gone on vacation to celebrate a milestone like an anniversary, birthday or wedding.

What are your vacation rental guests celebrating during their stay, and what are you doing to make their visit memorable? The MMGY Global /Harrison Group 2012 Portrait of American Travelers found that more than nine in 10 travelers agree, “The memories I get from my vacations make the trip worth it.”

Welcome baskets are thoughtful gifts that take a bit of effort to coordinate but make a great first impression. Plus, they can be customized to suit the occasion.

Helping your guests celebrate these milestones doesn’t have to be so hands on, however. In fact, you may be able to do some activities once and practically forget about them while others will take just a few minutes when it’s appropriate.

Create a local event guide

Organizing an event of any kind involves a lot of details, and when you’re coordinating things at a distance, every detail ends in a question mark: Who is a good photographer? Where can you buy a customized cake? What’s the best flower shop? Who would be an effective DJ?

A one or two page directory of local service providers can be invaluable, saving your guests hours of stress and research — something they’ll undoubtedly thank you for.

For ideas, have a look at these lists:

Adding this directory to your website can also be an effective draw for traffic, especially if you live in an area where nobody else has thought to compile such a handy reference.

Make a note of it in your calendar

If you hosted a newly married couple this summer, imagine their delight when — a year from their special day — they receive a card from you wishing them a happy anniversary?

It’s a simple act that has very little cost and take just moments to schedule in your calendar, but it carries tremendous personal attention that’s all but guaranteed to make an impression.

Don’t forget the little people

Milestone events are often multi-generational, which may include kids and teenagers; group travel is a quickly growing travel niche.

Whether your vacation rental is kid-friendly or not, the people renting your property may be vacationing with others who have children. Why not help them out with a few ideas to keep the kids entertained?

Travelers value good customer service; providing a smooth vacation will make people happy, but ensuring a memorable vacation can create a fan for life.

Have you had a lot of guests who book your home for celebrations? What do you do to help them out? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

photo by Derek Lee