A lot of vacation home renters want to include a little love in their vacation time: A survey by TripAdvisor found that one in four think the best benefit of a vacation rental is “more privacy for romance”.

How can you adjust your marketing plans to catch the eyes of folks who are looking for some time alone?

Most travelers turn to vacation rentals because they want more space for family and group vacations, so don’t focus all your efforts pitching your home as a romantic getaway.

However, chances are your home can meet the needs of two groups who will appreciate their privacy: Those who want to stay somewhere without any other guests, and those travelling with a larger group who like a lot of space so they can get away from everyone else once in a while.

While you can tell people what a romantic location your property is — “take long walks on the beach” or “watch the sunset over dinner on the veranda”, for example — reflecting it through photos and highlighted activities makes it easier for potential guests to envision how they will spend their time.

Show a touch of romance in your photos

Help people tune their imaginations by setting the stage with the right photos.

Feature a spectacular bathroom with a soaker tub surrounded by candles, or place a bouquet of roses in photos of the master bedroom. Include photos of couples in your marketing materials: Walking hand-in-hand, watching the sunset, laughing together.

“The art of staging is creating a space that reflects a lifestyle that people want to have,” explain the stylists at The Staging Goddess. Showing potential guests how your home can be used makes it easier for them to see themselves enjoying that space.

Include day camps, child care options in your local guide

For parents and others travelling with dependent children, finding time alone means finding something else to keep the kids occupied.

Give them a helping hand by including child care options in your local guide.

  • Are day camps offered during the summer and/or at other times of the year?
  • Are there local daycares that allow drop-ins, or a licensed caregiver who is available on request?
  • Are there activities available through the community centre or YMCA?

Highlight local activities for two

Some restaurants and attractions are great for families or a night out with friends; others excel at creating the right environment for people to spend quality time together.

Create a list of the “Top 5 Romantic Spots” in your area, where you might feature:

  • a restaurant known for its breathtaking views, or one with a reputation as a place for people to enjoy a quiet, candlelit dinner;
  • activities like miniature golf, the movie theatre, wineries or outdoor adventure center; or
  • nearby parks and gardens where people can bike or walk.

You can also get creative and work these activities into your welcome package, including things like gift certificates or other incentives to encourage your guests to get out and explore.

Offer a package for couples

Partner with other businesses to create an inclusive package for those looking for a romantic getaway — whether for a holiday like Valentine’s Day, a special occasion like an anniversary, or just a break from everyday life.

What can you include in a package to setup a romantic escape? Dinner for two and flowers is relatively standard, but you can also strive to be more unique: sailing on a nearby lake, for example, or a star-lit snowshoeing trip capped with a gourmet dinner.

Have you done anything special to increase the romance at your vacation rental? Tell us about it in the comments section below!