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Presentation: "10 Minute Marketing" from 2013 HomeAway Summit

We get it, you’re busy. We’re owners, too, and know there’s only so much you can do in a day. If you could carve out just 10 extra minutes a week to market your vacation rental, what could you do that would make a difference?

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There’s a sliding scale when it comes to what works — and what doesn’t — in vacation rental marketing. Some things take little time or effort, but the impact is significant; other things have a high cost, but barely make a dent.

At the 2013 HomeAway Summit, Markus Nordvik and I shared 15 medium-to-high impact and generally low cost/effort marketing ideas to help you maximize your ‘bang for the buck’. Different ideas work for different properties, and these ideas give you something you can test without a significant investment.

10 Minute Vacation Rental Marketing by MyVR from www.MyVR.com

Jon Murray

Jon Murray

Before starting MyVR, he co-founded Lift Media (acquired), a lead generation company that worked with clients like American Express, Netflix, and Fandango.

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Presentation: "10 Minute Marketing" from 2013 HomeAway Summit
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