Vacation rentals have a relaxed and authentic “do-it-yourself” vibe, but that doesn’t mean owners skimp on services.

From housekeeping to routine maintenance — and a growing number of owners who offer à la carte services, like pre-purchased groceries — a lot goes into delivering a great experience.

However, when it comes to delivering high-quality service your guests, where do you draw the line?

What guests expect

Perhaps more than anything, vacation home guests expect your housekeeping to be top notch: clean, heated or air conditioned, well ventilated, and free of funky smells.

For longer stays, you should provide cleaning supplies and arrange for someone to maintain your property on a regular basis.

Since vacation rentals are self-catered, a well-supplied kitchen is also on the must-do list; whether you want to aspire to a full gourmet experience is up to you, but you should provide at least the basics.

Over and above

Beyond that, your guests will expect whatever you’ve committed to, either through your marketing or a carefully-worded contract.

Describing your property as “luxury”, for example, sets the bar at a certain level. What that level of quality means, however, can vary widely. It can refer to everything from high-end furnishings and decor, to on-site amenities and other by-request services like a concierge, spa services, or even catering.

Ensuring your guests are clear about what’s included — and what isn’t — is the best way to ensure you’re both prepared when your guests arrive for check-in.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to providing services at your vacation rentals?