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On The 4th Day: Update Your Vacation Rental’s Local Guide

For the fourth day of MyVR Marketing Tips, either research or take time to reflect on some of the great experiences you’ve had in your vacation rental neighborhood recently. Then, add this new information to your local guide.

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Businesses come and go from year to year, and it’s possible that there are new local gems that could also use your support.

Grab a pen and paper to list:

  • Any local attractions you enjoy but haven’t previously included in your local guide.
  • Local restaurants that have a good reputation. Have any new ones opened nearby over the past year?
  • New businesses that might be of interest to your guests, like art galleries, breweries, and other curio or local-interest shops.
  • New events scheduled over the next year, including notable sporting events, conferences or festivals.

Also, confirm that the existing information is still valid. In particular, ensure any businesses or tourist attractions referenced are still open and accessible. Delete any one-time events that have already wrapped up.


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photo credit: La Citta Vita

Erin Colbert

Erin Colbert

Marketing at MyVR.com. I help vacation rental owners improve their online marketing efforts and get more inquiries and bookings as a result.

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On The 4th Day: Update Your Vacation Rental’s Local Guide
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