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MyVR has a platform that delivers the tools you need to market and manage your vacation rental business — but what does that actually mean? For people looking at their marketing options, not to mention owners who are new to the industry, it’s hard to capture what we offer in a brief but engaging way.

We contacted Adelie Studios to create a video that would explain what we offer in a way that was quick, engaging, and not full of “marketing speak.”

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"iPad and iPhone" by Sean MacEntee (CC BY 2.0)If you caught MyVR’s presentation at the HomeAway Summit earlier this year, you’ll know I’m a fan of video; we included it on our list of minimal-effort activities that can have a medium-to-high impact on your marketing efforts.

I believe video can be quick, engaging and memorable. While professional video can be well worth the investment, even brief “home videos” can inspire wistful desire in would-be guests.

More than half of Americans own smartphones and chances are good that you have a video camera nearby — if not on your phone, then a digital camera with video capability.

Devices and tablets make working with digital video much more accessible than it has been in the past, from complex tools to basic apps that all but walk you through the process from start to finish. Here are a few of the more popular options. Continue Reading…

"Lightbulb!" by Matthew Wynn on flickr (CC BY 2.0)Looking for new ways to promote your vacation rental and attract more bookings? Here’s a recap of some of the ideas we’ve shared on our blog this past year.

Get the best ‘bang for your buck’

In 10 Minute Marketing, our presentation from this year’s HomeAway Summit, Markus Nordvik and I highlighted 15 different ideas — some basic, and some a little outside the norm — that we think can deliver medium-to-high impact with minimal time commitment. Some of these ideas are included below, but check out our presentation for the full list…

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YouTubeOnce you’ve decided to invest in video to show off your vacation rental, you’ll run into your next consideration: Where those videos should ‘live’ online.

When you add video to your website, the actual video file needs to be saved somewhere. You basically have two options:

  1. Save it to your own web server, with your other website files (i.e. pictures, documents, etc.). Unless you have the technical skills to understand what you’re doing, this option means a lot of work that’s not necessary.
  2. Save it using a third-party service. This solution isn’t just more straightforward, it also makes it easier for people to find your videos without visiting your website first (i.e. finding it via search engines, like Google or Bing, instead).

There are different video hosting services available, like Vimeo, but YouTube is still the leader in this space — and the service we’ll focus on for this article. Continue Reading…

video cameraYou already know that photos of your vacation home are important for booking guests: At least 84 percent of travelers go to your website looking for photos of your rooms and facilities.

But have you thought about video?

Video is often seen as photography’s flashy and demanding cousin with expensive tastes — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, especially when it comes to promoting a business like your vacation rental, a video still needs to look good. However, as frequent YouTube viewers can attest to, a good video doesn’t have to be costly or complex.

How popular is online video these days? There are more than four billion videos watched every day on YouTube, and 72 hours of video uploaded every minute — staggering numbers that make YouTube the second largest site on the web, even if it’s not the only video service available.

You don’t need to reach out to the masses, however; you just need to connect in a meaningful way with the dozens of visitors who may book your vacation rental over the next year or two. Continue Reading…