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"Caution Tape" on flickr, by Picture Perfect Pose (CC BY 2.0)Not every vacation rental owner has a tale to share about The Nightmare Guest – but plenty do. While most guests come and go with few if any issues, owners occasionally find themselves facing some level of destruction or disruption.

Bad situations don’t need to be monumental, either. Finding out someone was puffing away in your non-smoking house, or that Fluffy made a mess on the carpet that nobody mentioned, can just as easily raise your expenses and blood pressure.

Even if you’ve never had a problem, building more hands-on customer service into your management process can help stave off problems in future and create a more positive experience for great guests who are excited to visit.

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To Do ListManaging a vacation property can lead to a hefty To Do list, with responsibilities like

  • Staying on top of business functions like taxes, fees and insurance,
  • Keeping up with bookings, inquiries, payments and other administrative tasks,
  • Promoting your property with effective marketing,
  • Overall property management, including regular cleaning and maintenance, and
  • Ideally, greeting guests on arrival, ensuring they have a great stay, and doing a walk-through before they leave.

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