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While sharing interesting content via a blog can support your vacation rental business, adding images—and taking advantage of an image-based social network—can improve the experience exponentially. Like the adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Pinterest is a growing social media hub that can help boost your blog; pairing the two creates a powerful way for you to connect with new visitors.

Draw in new travelers

Even though it’s relatively new, Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than several other social networks combined. It’s easy to direct people back to your blog: add short snippets of information to each picture and link them back to your main blog or website.

Unique and well-developed pictures can spread, generating additional traffic from other sites such as Facebook or Reddit—a strong argument for hiring a professional photographer. The more attention any single image can receive, the better your chances of getting attention from a potential guest.

Boost your marketing efficiently

It’s not just about pointing people back to your website, either. By adding a Pinterest link to your website, it’s easy for visitors to find more images from you or others. Use these photos to showcase your rental property and nearby attractions. This could easily entice visitors to explore further and find out more about your property or the location itself.

The more you can draw website visitors in with eye-catching photos, the more often those visits will turn into bookings. And Pinterest makes it easy: not only can you integrate it with your blog, it’s also free to use. Continue Reading…

pinterest mobileFor the tenth day of MyVR Marketing Tips, give some love to the millions of Pinterest addicts and build up your Pinterest profile. Don’t have a profile yet? These five steps will get you started.

If you have little idea what Pinterest is, you’re not alone: Its rise in popularity has been relatively quick and recent. Launched in early 2010 as an invite-only beta site, Pinterest officially opened to the public this past August; in September, it was labelled the 4th largest drive of web traffic worldwide.

Pinterest is an image-based social network; if you don’t have great photos, you probably won’t get very far. However, interesting and helpful photos can be shared rapidly; just another great reason to invest in high-quality photography!

Your Pinterest account is like a simplified, visual version of your website; show people enough photos to peak their interest, and make sure you highlight the good stuff.

You can also simply create a single board on your personal account, but this will limit your ability to easily use Pinterest as an information resource for your property.

Creating an account with different Pinterest boards allows you to group types of information together. Some themes you may want to consider include:

  • Your vacation rental. Photos of your home and property.
  • Local attractions. Share images that connect people to relevant websites.
  • What to bring. Share photos of things people will want to have in their suitcase.
  • Recipes. A fun thing to share are recipes and cooking tips for local dishes and drinks.
  • Recommended reading. Provide a few book recommendations that are either relevant to your environment (i.e. tropical getaways), or of local interest.


What does a Pinterest account look like as you start to pull images together? Here are a few examples:


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photo credit: Marc Ben Fatma

MyVR WebinarIn case you missed the recent HomeAway Community webinar I hosted on how to give your listings more firepower with a website for your vacation rental, you can watch the recording here. As promised, there were a couple of questions asked that I have answered here.

How do I generate more links to my website?

I’ve written a few articles on link building for your website here on the MyVR blog. The first is what to do after you’ve launched your website and the other is 10 free vacation rental listing sites to boost your SEO. You can also get a few easy links by posting your website on all of your social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and getting listed on local directories like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Continue Reading…

Pinterest iPadWhen I first started hearing about Pinterest, it just seemed like a site packed with pictures of chic baked goods and fingernail art. As cool as the images were, it was a little hard to understand the hype. Now, however, the Pinterest statistics are impossible to ignore. The latest whopper is that Pinterest is currently the 3rd most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter.

For those who haven’t ventured there yet, Pinterest is a social network where users curate virtual pinboards of images that inspire them. ‘Pinners’ usually have multiple boards, and the pictures are pinned from all over the Internet. The subjects are limitless, but lifestyle topics like cooking, crafts and clothing predominate. It skews heavily female, but men are catching up. Users follow each other, similar to Twitter, thus creating the vast network.

Businesses are flocking for several reasons, Continue Reading…