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"Travel Swag Bag Contents SXSWi" by Sheila Scarborough on flickr (CC BY 2.0)As a group, the preferences of travelers don’t change much from year to year. But they way they do their research and bookings—and the opportunities you have to connect with them—does.

Following up on a survey conducted last year, Google recently released “The 2013 Traveler“, a report that doesn’t offer shocking revelations but emphasizes that if you’ve held off on taking control of your vacation rental marketing, now is the time to do it. Continue Reading…

"Mobile Internet Device, Beijing", by Cory M. Grenier on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Making big travel plans on small screens is becoming “the norm” as people increasingly pull out a smartphone or tablet to research — even book — their vacation time.

Four in five travelers say they travel with their mobile phones, relying on their devices to serve as personal tour guide — not just checking email but also taking photos, accessing maps, and locating nearby attractions.

The growth of mobile has been significant over the past few years, doubling among business travelers and more than quadrupling among leisure travelers.

And they’re not just looking: an increasing number of travelers want to complete their transaction on the same day. Just since last year, the number of people making reservations via a mobile device jumped to one in three — a trend that’s just as popular in the under 35 crowd as among those 55+ plus.

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professional photosIf you don’t know exactly what should go on your website, you’re not alone. We get a lot of questions about what’s most important. There are some must-haves and some when-you-have-more-time, but here’s our complete list, in order of importance:

1. Perfectly cropped, well-lit photos – You can take these yourself, but hire a pro as soon as you can afford it.

2. Professional, staged photos – Check out this side-by-side example to see the difference.

3. A compelling description – Longer descriptions do better than short ones. See our 5 Must-Follow Tips when you write yours.

4. Complete rates – Learn how to set your rates correctly and when to adjust them. Be sure to show rates at least 1 calendar year out if possible. Continue Reading…

MyVR Mobile Website iPhoneMore people will be using their mobile devices to access the internet than their PCs in 2013. Smartphones and tablets are also starting to outpace desktops when it comes to search. You can still be on the forefront if you create a mobile site for your vacation rental, but not for much longer.

5 Stats On Mobile Search For Travel

  1. 38% of travelers used their mobile device to search for travel information in 2012.
  2. Mobile hotel searches grew 135% year over year in January while PC searches stayed flat.
  3. Nearly 2 in 5 smartphone users accessed travel content from their devices in July.
  4. 180% more people will use Google search on tablets to find accommodations next year.
  5. A bad mobile website is the #1 deterrent to booking travel on a phone.

7 Features Your Mobile Site Should Have

So, how do you condense your beautiful vacation rental website down into a user-friendly mobile site? Continue Reading…