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Guest post by Jeff Caldwell 

When you’re trying to rent your vacation property, your first priority is to attract interested renters — and to do that, you need features that will catch people’s attention when they’re searching online.

Some of the most important are outdoor amenities: the right kind can grab the eye when someone is browsing hundreds of online listings, and can help someone choose your rental over the competition.

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"Start Here" by Robert Kilman on flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)You’ve decided that turning your second home into a vacation rental is the right move for you.

Now what?

Getting your first reservation on the calendar is an exciting time, but — as you probably figured out while you were deciding to rent your property — there are things you need to do before you can throw your doors open.

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"home repairs" by Alan L on flickr (CC BY 2.0)For a lot of vacation rental owners, back to school signals a slower pace of business — a lull as people get back to their normal schedules.

This dip is a great opportunity to focus your attention on your rental in a way you can’t when you’re focused on smoothly transitioning from one guest to the next.

“There are distinct seasons in the rental business.” Lynn Berardo, owner of Modern Lake Tahoe in California, told MyVR earlier this year. “[I realized that] I needed to concentrate my efforts according to this cycle, and budget time and money to do certain tasks in shoulder seasons.”

What kind of tasks should be on your To Do list? Here are our recommendations.

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Budget imageVacation rentals have standard costs, which vary depending on your property:

  • Property-related expenses, like mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, or condo fees
  • Utility costs, like electricity, phone, cable, Internet and water
  • Ongoing maintenance, like cleaning services or a property manager.

Once you have your more set costs sorted, how do you budget for the rest? A lot of owners don’t have a strict budget for their vacation rental, but we connected with three owners to find out what they prioritized — and how — as they got their rental business up and running.

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Handyman Maintenance Vacation RentalThere is no golden rule when it comes to do-it-yourself maintenance for your vacation rental; some people can wield power tools like a pro while others are barely comfortable lifting a screwdriver.

Whether you look after your own property maintenance depends on your availability and comfort level, but if you’re handy around the house and have a good selection of tools, some DIY projects can save you money. Others, however, could leave you open to liability.

How do you know the difference?

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