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Once they decide where they want to go, travelers want to know what they can do when they get there, relying on the Internet and a sense of exploration to serve their needs.

However, new and emerging websites and smartphone applications are popping up all the time, many of them delivering information that’s local, socially curated and—in some cases—highly personalized. And they require little if any extra work from you!

Pointing your guest towards resources like these can help make their travel research much easier. Continue Reading…

What are vacation rental owners talking about, and is there any news that might impact your vacation rental? Here’s a look some recent highlights.

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog || Go Big Or Go Home

"Hotel Kursaal & Ausonia ROOM" by Hotel Kursaal & Ausonia on flickr (CC BY 2.0)If you missed this great discussion on the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog last month, it’s worth reviewing.

Referencing a thread on the HomeAway Community Forum, Matt Landau said:

“You either run a business and treat every guest like the most spectacular VIP in the world. Or you participate in a hobby and worry not about your income or revenue.”

The “hotelization” of vacation rentals is something Tyler Gillespie blogged about in a series of posts for MyVR last month, looking at our need to balance the best of vacation rental travel against increased competition from hotels.

The comments on Landau’s post provide an interesting look at the lack of consensus among owners—and food for thought when it comes to how you want to manage your own rental. Continue Reading…

Yahoo 1st Page ResultRecently, I finally got around to placing my Sonoma vacation rental in Yahoo’s business listings. Now, just 2 weeks later, if you go to Yahoo! and search for “sonoma vacation rental” – there I am, first page, on the map, with a link to my Sonoma Square Cottage website.

That alone is pretty cool, but what’s even better is that I’ve gotten inquiries from this one step I took – and it was simple and free. Getting ranked on the first page of a Yahoo! search is such a great success story, that I wanted to share with everyone how I did it.

Step One: Go to Yahoo! Local and sign up.

That’s it, only one step! But the basic point is that compared to all the work you do upgrading your vacation home, maintaining listings, communicating with guests, processing payments, etc., this is pretty basic step to take. And not only will it potentially increase business, but you will improve your chances of getting ranked higher in a major search engine. Continue Reading…