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Guest post by Jeff Caldwell 

When you’re trying to rent your vacation property, your first priority is to attract interested renters — and to do that, you need features that will catch people’s attention when they’re searching online.

Some of the most important are outdoor amenities: the right kind can grab the eye when someone is browsing hundreds of online listings, and can help someone choose your rental over the competition.

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Sydney Morning Herald || The hottest travel trend of 2014? We know everything about you

We’ve talked about different ways to connect with your guests and provide truly personal service, something vacation rental owners are in a great position to provide. But hotels are upping their game, too. In this article from Australia, industry executives say they’re focused on detailsfrom remembering a guest’s preferred room temperature to buying personalized gifts inspired by their social media posts.

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog || 4 vacation rental guru predictions for 2014

Will 2014 bring more competition or more opportunity for vacation rental owners? Likely a good dose of both, according to the four vacation rental pros interviewed for this predictions post. From new initiatives by big brands to the need for better systems and more comprehensive marketing, our industry is poised for significant growth and change over the next couple of years. Continue Reading…

"Caution Tape" on flickr, by Picture Perfect Pose (CC BY 2.0)Not every vacation rental owner has a tale to share about The Nightmare Guest – but plenty do. While most guests come and go with few if any issues, owners occasionally find themselves facing some level of destruction or disruption.

Bad situations don’t need to be monumental, either. Finding out someone was puffing away in your non-smoking house, or that Fluffy made a mess on the carpet that nobody mentioned, can just as easily raise your expenses and blood pressure.

Even if you’ve never had a problem, building more hands-on customer service into your management process can help stave off problems in future and create a more positive experience for great guests who are excited to visit.

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customer serviceVacation rentals have a relaxed and authentic “do-it-yourself” vibe, but that doesn’t mean owners skimp on services.

From housekeeping to routine maintenance — and a growing number of owners who offer à la carte services, like pre-purchased groceries — a lot goes into delivering a great experience.

However, when it comes to delivering high-quality service your guests, where do you draw the line?

What guests expect

Perhaps more than anything, vacation home guests expect your housekeeping to be top notch: clean, heated or air conditioned, well ventilated, and free of funky smells.

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hotel expectationsThe contract explained that snow would be cleared from the driveway and up to the front door. But what was MyVR’s Mike Stachowiak to do when his renters called one day, after a snowstorm, to ask that someone come dig out the hot tub, too?

Meeting guest expectations is a top priority for a lot of vacation rental owners. But how can you manage hotel expectations — when any service they want is just a request away — in a vacation rental world?

Requests that land in the grey area

“Sometimes, it’s difficult to know exactly when to draw the line,” Steve Young posted on LinkedIn. “We always try to exceed guest expectations but, at the same time, we feel they have a responsibility to be reasonable in their requests.”

In Stachowiak’s case, he’d done what he could to prepare: Made arrangements to have snow cleared, and told his guests what to expect. In the end, he chose to make arrangements to have a path to the hot tub cleared, too. Sometimes, however, you just don’t have that flexibility. Continue Reading…