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Stack of fall leaves. "Fall" on flickr, by Mo Riza. (CC BY 2.0)If your fall reservation calendar isn’t as full as you’d like it to be, there’s good news: travelers love last-minute deals and vacation home renters are no exception!

According to the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA), value for price is the number one reason why people choose vacation rentals over other types of accommodation.

And the better the value, the more likely they are to book: more than eight in ten travelers who say value is a top priority say that savings and last minutes deals are motivators that work.

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People love to pay less, and daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial give them a chance to do just that. More recently, these deals have expanded into travel, including accommodations and vacation packages.

Daily Deals differ from other discounts in a few ways:

  • Buy now, book later. People are buying a voucher that gives them a deal at a later date; they may have no idea when they’ll be able to take advantage of the deal. (i.e. buy $100 worth of credit for $50)
  • Power in numbers. For a deal to ‘activate’, a certain number of people need to buy-in. If the minimum number isn’t reached, the deal is cancelled. (i.e. 10 people need to purchase for the deal to be valid)
  • For a limited time only. A buyer may not use the deal for months, but they have to purchase it within a certain window (i.e. same-day or within the next few days). (i.e. confirm your reservation by the end of the month)

The benefits of a Groupon-style deal

Daily deal sites have become marketing powerhouses that can deliver thousands of new customers to a business. You don’t need thousands of guests, but there are benefits to the model that can work in your favor: Continue Reading…