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Guest post by Karen Clark

Once you’ve addressed the vacation rental essentials—like price, convenience and cleanliness—the renters’ market, to some extent, becomes a battle of aesthetics and what’s in vogue.

If you’ve taken steps to automate your vacation home, you already have a leg up. Home automation has seen a massive spike in popularity. Homeowners are tethering their houses to their electronics, and there’s never been a better time for vacation rental owners to consider the smart home game.

Why automation? Why now?

"Home Automation" on Flickr, by Denis P (CC BY 2.0 from rental owners are specialists in simplicity. With just a few pictures and some lines of text, you can sell an entire experience to tourists. It just goes to show that in the world of travel, easier is always better—and automating your home can bring both simplicity and efficiency.

Home automation has quickly ascended and is close to becoming an industry standard. According to, the home security and smart home spheres are quickly merging. It’s getting harder to find a home security service that doesn’t offer some type of home automation access and vice versa.

With the onset of automation features gracing so many products in today”s market – from security systems to toasters to sprinklers – it’s only sensible to give your guests the most hassle-free experience possible. Continue Reading…

Tips For a Greener Vacation Rental

MyVR —  December 20, 2012

Going green is becoming more and more popular in the hospitality industry, and it may be easier than you think to make your vacation rental more environmentally friendly. Here are some helpful tips:

recycling bin1. Provide recycling bins

Your travelers may be more inclined to recycle if you make it easy for them. By labeling bins near your trash can, your guests can easily recycle soda cans, glass, newspapers and magazines, paper towels, and more.

2. Stock environmentally friendly cleaning supplies

You can purchase environmentally friendly alternatives to Windex and 409 at most grocery stores. You can also invest in environmentally friendly cleaning companies that use less harmful products.

3. Replace paper towels with cotton dish towels

Reduce your cleaning supply bill by ditching paper towels and stocking up on cotton dish towels. They’re often more absorbent, durable, and can be reused time and time again after a quick trip to the laundry. Continue Reading…

iPhone Calendar Paperless Vacation RentalFor many vacation home owners, the movement towards a paperless office isn’t just the environmentally friendly solution – it’s the solution that makes the most sense. How much information do you already email back-and-forth between yourself and your renters, property manager, or accountant?

Calling it “paperless” can be a bit misleading; more often than not, the reality is simply “less paper” – potentially significantly less paper. However, committing to a paperless office is increasingly affordable, and it’s only going to get easier.

Adopting a paperless philosophy for your vacation rental has two benefits:

  • Cutting your need for paper helps eliminate waste and scale back printing costs.
  • Incorporating digital solutions can help streamline standard processes. Continue Reading…