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We’ve talked about making your vacation rental website more search engine friendly, so it shows up when people are looking for a vacation rental in your neighborhood. Adding great content, using relevant keywords, and ensuring your information is up-to-date in local directories are all factors that can help improve where your property will show up in search results.

However, a recent review by search engine optimization experts Searchmetrics shows that — while these elements matter — they don’t top the list of things search engines look for.

What does? Social media.

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Google Plus badgeIf you follow the ever-changing world of social media and online marketing, you’ll know that people have a love/hate relationship with one network in particular: Google+ (also referred to as “Google Plus” or “G+”).

Publicly launched in September 2011, it has more than 343 million active users – not an insignificant number, but one that people like to debate: How many use it regularly? Who is using the site? Some people say it’s practically a “ghost town”, outside of the early-adopter techie crowd.

As with most marketing questions, it’s not whether something works for everyone but whether it might work for you. And, despite its detractors, Google+ has managed to keep the buzz going with a set of features that is smart and increasingly impactful on your overall marketing strategy. Continue Reading…

search engine marketingFor the eighth day of MyVR Marketing Tips, your mission is to search for new places to promote your vacation rental website online.

You’ve already updated your listing on the vacation rental directories; today’s focus is broader, to include search engines and business directories.

Some key sites you’ll want to look at include:

Why should you spend time promoting your vacation rental in so many different locations? Because doing so:

  • Helps you connect with new groups of people who may or may not use other sites you’re advertising on.
  • Helps boost your website in search engine results, which give some consideration to the number of relevant external sites that point to your website.

The U.S. Travel Association says that at least 76 percent of travelers do their planning online; investing this time makes it easier for them to find you.



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Yahoo 1st Page ResultRecently, I finally got around to placing my Sonoma vacation rental in Yahoo’s business listings. Now, just 2 weeks later, if you go to Yahoo! and search for “sonoma vacation rental” – there I am, first page, on the map, with a link to my Sonoma Square Cottage website.

That alone is pretty cool, but what’s even better is that I’ve gotten inquiries from this one step I took – and it was simple and free. Getting ranked on the first page of a Yahoo! search is such a great success story, that I wanted to share with everyone how I did it.

Step One: Go to Yahoo! Local and sign up.

That’s it, only one step! But the basic point is that compared to all the work you do upgrading your vacation home, maintaining listings, communicating with guests, processing payments, etc., this is pretty basic step to take. And not only will it potentially increase business, but you will improve your chances of getting ranked higher in a major search engine. Continue Reading…