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professional photosIf you don’t know exactly what should go on your website, you’re not alone. We get a lot of questions about what’s most important. There are some must-haves and some when-you-have-more-time, but here’s our complete list, in order of importance:

1. Perfectly cropped, well-lit photos – You can take these yourself, but hire a pro as soon as you can afford it.

2. Professional, staged photos – Check out this side-by-side example to see the difference.

3. A compelling description – Longer descriptions do better than short ones. See our 5 Must-Follow Tips when you write yours.

4. Complete rates – Learn how to set your rates correctly and when to adjust them. Be sure to show rates at least 1 calendar year out if possible. Continue Reading…

Vacation Rental Check-Out ProceduresWhen your guests are getting ready to leave at the end of their vacation rental stay, it’s acceptable to leave a short list of checkout procedures for them to follow.

Be careful not to leave guests feeling overwhelmed with tasks to finish before they walk out the door; the main objective of checkout procedures is to reduce any unnecessary costs or risks (eg. fire, flood, rodents, etc.) until your property manager or cleaning person will be on site.

The Checklist

Keep the list of checkout procedures in an easy-to-find location; a couple of good options include your welcome book, on your website, and/or stuck to the fridge.

First, be sure that you clearly specify checkout time. Then list tasks like: Continue Reading…

Bedroom EssentialsWhat should every vacation rental have, and what are nice-to-have extras?

There are certain features and accessories that vacation home renters have come to expect – or, at least, that they hope to find when they walk through the door. Other features, when they show up, are considered a bonus.

Here’s our room-by-room guide to items you should include.

Don’t forget: There are also items that may legally be mandatory in your area, like fire extinguishers and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. Ensure any items required by your insurance plan or local bylaws are at the top of your list! Continue Reading…