MyVR’s Explainer Video Wins Award in International Competition

Jonathan Murray —  May 24, 2014

MyVR has a platform that delivers the tools you need to market and manage your vacation rental business — but what does that actually mean? For people looking at their marketing options, not to mention owners who are new to the industry, it’s hard to capture what we offer in a brief but engaging way.

We contacted Adelie Studios to create a video that would explain what we offer in a way that was quick, engaging, and not full of “marketing speak.”

The MyVR explainer had the impact we were looking for: we got a 34 percent increase in trial signups as a result. And we’re not the only ones who were impressed! Of 6,000 videos entered into an international competition, Adelie Studios was recently awarded a Silver Communicator Award of Distinction from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

Congratulations to the team at Adelie Studios, and thanks for creating such an effective video!

Jonathan Murray

Jonathan Murray


Before starting MyVR, he co-founded Lift Media (acquired), a lead generation company that worked with clients like American Express, Netflix, and Fandango. He started MyVR after being frustrated with setting up his own Sonoma cottage as a vacation rental. He studied engineering at Bucknell University and received his MBA from Stanford University.
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