On The 3rd Day: Refresh Your Vacation Rental Sales Pitch

Erin Colbert —  December 27, 2012

For the third day of MyVR Marketing Tips, have a fresh look at the way you describe your vacation rental, and the headlines you use to try to grab attention.

update headline

Next to having great photos, a captivating and detailed description is what will bring business to your door. Even if you think the description you’re using right now really captures what you have to offer, step back to consider whether there might be anything you can add.

  • Review feedback and reviews you’ve received over the past year. Do people describe your home differently than you do? Perhaps you call it “rustic” while others describe it as “charming.” Maybe people have made note of something that you never really noticed. Look to this feedback for new ideas, not just to energize the writing but also to use descriptions that may be more meaningful to your ideal renter.
  • Add improvements to your description. Perhaps you added a gazebo to the garden, or a new park opened down the street. Whether on your property or in the local area, highlight any new features in your promotional information.
  • Tweak your headlines. The overall content is important, but you also need an attention-grabbing headline. Maybe the headline you use right now is perfect, or perhaps reading feedback and reviews will spark a new idea or two. Try to brainstorm new headlines for both your website and listing sites.

For now, just update the information in a separate document; over the next few days, you’ll use it to update your advertising.



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Erin Colbert


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