10 Free Vacation Rental Listing Sites to Boost Your SEO

Erin Colbert —  October 9, 2012

Inbound Links SEOGetting more links to your vacation rental website is critical in helping it get found organically (a.k.a. for free) in the search engines. The more inbound links your website has from higher authority sources, the more authority your own website will earn.

Essentially, there are 2 primary ways to rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. One is to optimize your website for keyword phrases potential renters might be searching for. This includes things like your website domain name (URLs), page titles, H1 headers, and your meta description. The second, and more important, is getting more inbound links to your website from high authority websites (i.e. The New York Times has a much higher authority than Bob’s Blog).

One way to measure this authority is through Google’s PageRank. It scores a web page out of 10 and it’s logarithmic, meaning it’s much harder to move your website from a 5 to a 6, than it is from a 2 to a 3. You can check out your current PageRank here.

If I’ve confused you too much already, that’s okay. You don’t need to know the specifics. These vacation rental listing sites allow you to post your home for free and include a link to your website that passes good SEO juice. Use a descriptive keyword as the link text if you can (i.e. “Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental” instead of “My Website”).

  1. scenicrentals.com (PR 4)
  2. petvr.com (PR 4)
  3. rentalspot.com (PR3)
  4. findyourvacationhome.com (PR 3)
  5. dwellable.com (PR 3)
  6. adventurepads.com (PR 3)
  7. fhbo.com (PR 2)
  8. escapelets.com (PR 2)
  9. trekkvacations.com (PR 1)
  10. qualityvacationrental.com (PR 1)

Know of other free listing sites to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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Erin Colbert


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16 responses to 10 Free Vacation Rental Listing Sites to Boost Your SEO

  1. Ron and Heather Davis October 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    So Free listings for how long? Free listings for 6 months or more would consider set up efforts if has link to website. Most sites use your page to sell google ads as a revenue source, a win for them. What do you do for those that create pages from your site and sell ads on them without your permission and offer no link to your site

    • Hi Ron and Heather. All of the listings I posted here are free for at least 1 year, but most are unlimited free.

      As for sites that create unauthorized listings for your home, I would contact them directly and ask them to remove it. If they don’t, you probably have to decide how much effort you want to put into it and if you want to get a lawyer involved to issue a “cease and desist” order. It might not be worth the cost if the information is not factually incorrect or part of fraudulent activity.

  2. Ron and Heather: I can’t speak to the full list, but here at Dwellable.com, we offer free listings with no time limit.

    We will eventually also be offering the ability to pay for featured listings but as the Google of vacation rentals, it’s important to us to have the largest variety of vacation rental listings so that travelers can find the best fit for their vacation and you can get the most qualified leads. We link directly back to your website, as Erin mentions, plus show a phone number and have an email link on your listing that goes directly to you.

  3. You can also get free listing on http://www.trolltraveler.com A free vacation rental community and social network

  4. Now this is great information I can really use!
    Thank you.

  5. This will really help!

  6. Hi Erin, for. Any of your readers with ski accommodation, we offer free listings on our website.

    We alseo provide free listings for local in-resort businesses that compliment our accommodation.



  7. Don’t forget about http://www.findmyvacationrentals.com. They have a Google Page Rank of 3 offer a 60 day free trial which includes an external website link.

  8. Thank you for providing vacation property owners this list of free websites. The goal of owning a vacation rental property is to enjoy it when you can and rent it when it’s not occupied. We do our best to earn as much as possible renting our properties and I rather not give it to an expense website to list it either.

  9. Brenda – Do you offer any sort of automated feed for your listings? I list all my properties with the Mitula Search Engine, nad they take an XML feed of all my properties every day or two. If you have the ability, I could provide a couple of hunderd Australian properties for your site, from my website, SCHolidays. Please contact me.

  10. Shorttermhousing.com is a free vacation rental listing website.

  11. Thanks cherrybug202. I saw your site, but did not include it since the links to property websites are all tagged as no-follow, meaning no SEO authority is passed along.

  12. If you have a vacation rental in Australia, you can list free at http://www.ozehols.com.au

  13. Hi Erin,
    Great blog article. I have a free website http://www.bobzio.com going if you would give it a mention for those looking for another free listing website including home exchanges.